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4051 - 4th Avenue is a new permanent supportive housing project operated by the Safe at Home Society for individuals who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. Transforming a former commercial hotel into 55 self-contained suites, the project will provide affordable, secure, and supportive housing for a mixed demographic of individuals in downtown Whitehorse, Yukon.

Permanent Supportive Housing Will Provide:

55 Self-Contained Suites 

  • Each fully contained suite will come furnished, offer a kitchenette, private bathroom, and have access to laundry and common areas to gather.

24/7 Support

  • Support staff will be on-site 24/7. Tenants will have access to crisis intervention, guest management, counselling, and safety planning.

Peer Programming & Activities

  • Opportunities for peer-led programming and activities on-site.

Referrals & Connections

  • Staff on-site work with tenants on goals they set for themselves. Development of connections to community resources is encouraged and voluntary.

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Operating Principles

Building Community

  • Building Community is key. Tenant-let committees, good neighbour initiatives, and community safety planning is key to rewarding relationships.


  • We support every individual’s right to choose what actions they may take to affect change in their lives. Staff work to support self-determination by approaching relationship from a strengths-based perspective.

Collaborative Partnerships

  • We believe collaborative relationship-building with tenants and the wider community will help ensure that we are operating from a standard of care that is empowering and respectful.

Supporting Housing Stability

  • We believe that all individuals with a history of homelessness succeed in their tenancy when they have choice. 4041 4th Avenue meets people where they’re at.

Cultural Safety & Gendered Approach

  • Systemic barriers impact certain populations differently than others. We integrate trauma-informed care into our practice. Culturally safe, appropriate, and relevant education, transparency and openness to learning are essential.

Flexibility & Responsivity

  • Support services and programs are flexible and tailored to fit the individuals who live at 4051 4th Avenue. We believe every resident will feel the highest degree of housing satisfaction when they have agency and voice.

Why Now and Who Is Supportive Housing For?

A look at the By-Name List tells us that there are currently 195 actively homeless individuals and families in Whitehorse. The majority do not require an intensive level of support, such as what a Housing First model would offer. They may, however, require a higher level of support than a private rental of Yukon Housing would offer.

This is where 4051 4th Avenue, as a permanent Supportive Housing model, has situated itself within the housing continuum in Whitehorse.

The project offers permanent supportive housing for individuals who desire a higher degree of independence and autonomy and who would also benefit from a support team and services on-site to ensure housing stability, safety, a sense of belonging, and a greater well-being.

We offer housing for individuals who:

  • Are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.
  • Require an affordable self-contained suite and who would benefit from a moderate level on on-site supports.
  • May benefit from a housing environment that adheres to a harm reduction philosophy in all aspects of life.
  • May require some assistance with housing stability, getting connected with services, or benefit from a supportive congregate setting.

A Housing Continuum

A healthy housing continuum provides a variety of housing options that meet a wide spectrum of needs. This is key to ending homelessness and ensuring individuals at risk of homelessness maintain their housing. Varieties such as:

Transitional Housing

  • Temporary housing for individuals who fall under a specific mandate, often offering intensive supports with a goal to secure permanent housing.  

Housing First

  • Offers no-barrier housing that may be transitional or permanent. Focuses on maintaining housing throughout delivery of wrap-around services and resources for individuals who have complex needs.

Supportive Housing

  • Offers permanent housing for individuals with a variety of support needs. Individuals often fall between the mandates of Housing First and un-supported housing.


  • Housing is in non-congregate settings, such as suites rented though the private market. Tenants are provided with varying levels of support from outreach and housing agencies.

Subsidized Housing

  • Focuses on providing affordable homes for individuals and families who are low-income. Most social housing models are subsidized and may or may not offer supports.

Supportive housing falls in the middle of the housing continuum. a) it fills a current gap; and b) complements other social housing initiatives, including the recent Housing First developments in Whitehorse.

Ending homelessness is only possible when a continuum of housing options exists. Healthy housing in communities means individuals who are homeless have rapid access to safe and stable housing.

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